Ms. Lauriana Capone

Ms. Lauriana Capone

Services Offered: Newborn Care Classes, Postpartum Support
Certifications: Certified Postpartum Doula
Location: Middlesex VT United States

Please visit my website for detailed information about my Postpartum Doula practice.

In addition to my doula practice, I organize a community program that offers support to families with birth or adopted infants in the first three months postpartum. More information can be found at

Good Beginnings is a primary prevention program that relies on trained volunteers to offer unconditional support and education to any family that is expecting or has a newborn. The program is community based which means its vision, shape, and services are inspired and implemented by members of the community it serves. Good Beginnings gives each family a healthy start by providing hands on, in home, services at this critical juncture in their lives. Our services are free of charge to all families.

Our home visitors visit once a week for 2-3 hours for 12 weeks postpartum and help with light housework, caring for pregnant women on bed rest, assessing family needs and sharing health, safety, and community service information. Our visitors are a balm to the isolation most new parents experience in the days and weeks after the baby arrives. They provide respite care so sleep-deprived mothers can rest, bathe, or attend to older children’s needs.
Program Director
Good Beginnings Of Central Vermont


CPD Certification Number: 8-201604, expires August 28, 2022


Email addresses:

Phone numbers:
516242-7703 (mobile)
802595-7953 (home)

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