Tejashree Anirudh Joshi

Tejashree Anirudh Joshi

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Infant Massage
Certifications: Certified Lactation Educator™ CLE®
Location: plainsboro NJ United States

I am the Founder CEO of Sangopan Tendercare Services, a unique firm focused on healthcare services for mother and infants. I am a postgraduate by education and passionate about maternal and child health. I feel strongly about the need to empower women at all levels and Sangopan is a reflection of my commitment to this.
I deeply care about helping mothers with the right advice and support needed to make the journey of motherhood joyous and enriching. I am based in Bangalore and a mother with two lovely daughters.
I have worked in medical transcription industry before this venture where the home based editing allowed me to balance work and home as I stayed in multiple cities when I moved with my her husband.
While the medical editing career was enjoyable and gave a lot of learning, it is in Sangopan where I seem to have found my true calling for my passions and a gateway to fulfil my true potential.
I am now focused on the next level of growth for Sangopan which is now also present in Hyderabad for more than a year and my goal is to make it a trusted brand nationally and globally.
Sangopan is a unique entrepreneurial venture, which pioneered a business model for its post- natal services when it started operations in 2011 February.
Sangopan, started as an exercise in helping mothers cope with post- natal healthcare by offering professional mother-baby massage and bath services and has grown into a unique enterprise. This has three foundational pillars – Commitment to traditional Ayurvedic medicine backed by modern practices, a focus on unique and innovative healthcare services for maternal and child health, and a commitment to empowerment of women through an opportunity to earn a steady income through dignified labor.


CLE Certification Number: 6-201904, expires June 12, 2022


Email addresses:
tejashreejoshi75@gmail.com (Alternate)

Phone numbers:
16096132064 (mobile)
16093781001 (home)

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