Mrs. Laurel Wilson

Mrs. Laurel Wilson

Senior Advisor, Pregnancy and Lactation Expert

Services Offered: Belly Casting, Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Classes, Labor Support, Newborn Care Classes, VBAC Classes
Certifications: Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Labor Doula, Certified Lactation Educator™ CLE®
Location: Morrison CO United States

Laurel Wilson, BSc, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE®, CLD, CPPFE, CPPI owns MotherJourney in Morrison, Colorado. She has her degree in Maternal and Child Health – Lactation Consulting. With over twenty five years of experience working with women in the childbearing year and perinatal professionals, Laurel takes a creative approach to working with the pregnant family. She is co-author of best-selling books, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: The Keys to the MotherBaby Bond and The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Bonding with Your Baby. She is also a contributing author to Round the Circle: Experienced Doulas Share What They Learned the Hard Way. She currently spends a great deal of her time working with hospitals seeking BabyFriendly status as a consultant and educator.

Laurel has received her training with Union Institute and University, Healthy Children, DONA, ALACE, CAPPA, Birthworks, Whole Birth Yoga and Prenatal Parenting. She has passed the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. She strives to provide the latest techniques, research and programs to her clients by attending yearly conferences and workshops in the birth and lactation field.

Laurel is a board certified as a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, labor doula, lactation educator™, Prenatal ParentingTM Instructor, and Pre and Postpartum fitness educator. She served as the CAPPA Executive Director of Lactation Programs for 16 years and is now on the Senior Advisory Board. She continues to train Lactation Educators™ for CAPPA certification. She serves on the board for the United State Breastfeeding Committee and InJoy Birth and Parenting’s Review Board.
Laurel is a breastfeeding speaker, sharing her knowledge at professional conferences around the world on subjects ranging from hot topics in breastfeeding to epigenetics and the prenatal environment. She has trained hundreds of professionals in the 20 Hour Lactation Educator™ Course for CAPPA. Additionally, she offers perinatal classes to families in private and hospital settings. Laurel has created teaching strategies that facilitate better understanding of the change processes during the childbearing year. Laurel has been joyfully married to her husband for 25 years and has two amazing sons, whose difficult births led her on a path towards helping emerging families create positive experiences. She believes that the journey towards and into motherhood is a life changing rite of passage that should be deeply honored and celebrated. CAPPA, St. Joseph BFHI Team, Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition, United States Breastfeeding Committee, InJoy Health Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, CLE, CCCE, CLD ( is Senior Advisor for CAPPA and served as the Executive Director of Lactation Programs for sixteen years. She is on the board of the United States Breastfeeding Committee and InJoy Health. She served as the Program Coordinator for Swedish Medical Center and Presbytarian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Colorado. She owns MotherJourney Childbirth Services—training childbirth, lactation, and postpartum professionals, as well as expectant families on integrative and holistic information as it pertains to today’s Millennial family. She has her degree in Maternal Child Health: Lactation Consulting and is an internationally board certified lactation consultant. Laurel has received her training with Union Institute and University, Healthy Children, DONA, ALACE, CAPPA, Birthworks, Whole Birth Yoga, and Prenatal Parenting.


CLD Certification Number: 1-201533, expires July 16, 2022 (EDT)
CCCE Certification Number: 1-201532, expires July 16, 2022 (EDT)
CLE Certification Number: 1-201531, expires July 16, 2022 (EDT)


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