Michelle Downie

Michelle Downie

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Classes
Location: Burke VA United States

Hello, I am an AANP Board Certified FNP who has spent most of my nursing career in Women’s Health. I was a L&D nurse for 13 years prior to becoming an NP, working as a lactation educator and childbirth educator through the facility I worked at. As an NP I have remained in Women’s Health and currently work at an OBGYN clinic who is very breastfeeding supportive. I am the only NP and would love to start breastfeeding classes in my clinic. My co-workers are excited for this as well. As a military spouse I have held many floor and educational positions which include breastfeeding education, childbirth education, parenting and sibling classes. New parent support was a passion of mine. In my new role, I want to remain abreast of the best practice information and support for my patients to empower them to be successful with breastfeeding.



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Phone numbers:
9139442178 (mobile)
7032507125 (home)

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