Micheline Ridore

Micheline Ridore

Labor Doula

Services Offered: Labor Support, Trained Labor Doula
Location: Orange NJ United States

My name is Micheline, I’m a Labor Doula. I completed my training with CAPPA. I give birth patents guidance and physical support to help ensure a safe and satisfying birthing experience.I provide a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere for families during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the early days of postpartum life. l am a huge advocate for birthing education, knowing your options early on, and ensuring that your chosen support team is involved, hands-on throughout the entire pregnancy and birth journey.

I have worked in the medical field for 18 years as a Unit Rep. I have worked on AntePartum, Postpartum, Nursery, NICU, and now on Labor and Delivery. I have always wanted to help but because of fear I hesitated, then when the pandemic started I noticed even more the greater need for the birthing mom to have the proper support. Which lead me to wanting to help, become an advocate for mothers and for them to take control of their birthing process. I want to educate and  support moms and their birthing team (their spouse, significant others, and families).


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Email addresses:
mridore08@gmail.com (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
9735731597 (mobile)
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