Megan Horn BSc CPD CLSE MA

Megan Horn BSc CPD CLSE MA


Services Offered: Antepartum doula, Belly Casting, Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Classes, Infant Massage, Labor Support, Lactation Consultant, Multiples Support, Newborn Care Classes, Postpartum Support, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Teen Support, Trained Labor Doula, Trained Lactation Educator, Trained New Parent Educator, Trained Postpartum Doula
Location: WOODSTOCK Georgia United States

I am an Evidence-based Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Labor Doula, Certified Eppi Doula, and a Certified Lactation Support Educator that is board eligible.   I am a Registered Medical Assistant certified to implement TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) during labor, a non-medical modality to help with pain management.  I am infant/adult  CPR certified,  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and certified in STAR (Strategic Trauma and Abuse Resolution)  With my medical and psychology background, I specialize in Medically Traumatic Postpartum recovery for momma and baby, but love on and work with all momma’s and their family.  I do night-time momma and newborn care and have had good results with insurance reimbursement in the past.  I also support IVF mommas from egg retrieval, implantation, to birth, and sadly when the cycle fails.  I can help with injections and give doula care tailored to IVF mommas after implantation.  As a doula, I am here to serve momma, baby, and partner, to guide and inform through the birth process, to work with your birth team to make sure everyone is on the same page.         The Lord is within her, she shall not fail; God will help her at the break of day.  Psalm 46:5



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