Laura Lusson

Laura Lusson

Trained Labor Doula

Services Offered: Labor Support, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Trained Labor Doula
Location: Chicago IL United States

I am humbled and honored to support people in the life-changing journey of giving birth and bringing new life into this world. As a labor doula, I offer an appreciation of each person as an individual with unique perspectives, preferences, dreams and experiences. I seek to help educate, care for and empower people to navigate birth and labor in THEIR way, with positivity and equity so they can move through this miraculous undertaking with confidence.

I will hold space and advocate for birthing people with integrity and grace, actively listening, caring, and sharing evidence-based information and tools to help them make decisions in preparation for and during labor. I am calm, considerate, even-tempered and relationship-centered.

My life experiences, both personal and professional, have led me here to help. I’m the mom of three grown children, a communications professional, and a 500-hour registered yoga instructor (certified in prenatal yoga) with 1,700 hours of teaching experience.

I love connecting people and am passionate about nature, breathing, holding space for others, music, movement, mind-body-soul connection, meditation, neuroscience, self-care, women’s health, reading, writing, learning, teaching, gratitude, personal growth, and living life to its fullest.



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