Julie Spurgers

Julie Spurgers

Birth/Labor Doula

Services Offered: Labor Support, Trained Labor Doula, Waterbirth Support
Certifications: Certified Labor Doula
Location: Princeton TX United States

Hi, I am Julie Spurgers, CLD

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born…”     Ecc 3

Your season of giving birth does not have to be alone. Working together and for you is my service to you.   It would be a privilege to share comfort measures, emotional presence, and reliable, evidence-based resources to give support during your perinatal season. Relief of pain during contractions, techniques to shorten labor, and lessen risk of cesarean is my heartbeat for your labor and birth. Whether this is your first time, or you are considering a VBAC, my continuous care keeps you in mind.

Welcoming the birth of your baby together can help you accelerate where you want to be hormonally, emotionally, and physically.

My Birth Doula Services: $1100.  Monthly prenatal visits, weekly last 3 weeks of pregnancy.  ON/CALL  24/7 last 3 weeks of pregnancy, continuous care during labor and birth,  two postpartum follow up visits.

I can commute up to 60miles.

Julie Spurgers @  juliespurgers@gmail.com


CLD Certification Number: 5-202333, expires May 30, 2026 (EDT)


Email addresses:
juliespurgers@gmail.com (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
2143851573 (mobile)
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