Jordann Kearns

Jordann Kearns

Services Offered: Birth Photography, Breastfeeding Support, Multiples Support, Postpartum Support, Trained Postpartum Doula
Location: 1642 SW Westwood Dr Oregon United States

Hello, I’m Jordann Kearns, and I’m here to support and empower new mothers during their postpartum journey. As a postpartum doula, registered dietitian, and photographer, I’ve found a unique way to blend my passions and skills to provide comprehensive care to new families.

In my role as a postpartum doula, I’m dedicated to offering emotional and practical support to new parents. I believe that this period should be a time of empowerment and confidence, and I’m here to make sure that happens. My background as a registered dietitian allows me to guide families on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the postpartum period. Nourishing your body with balanced, wholesome meals is essential for a successful recovery, and I’m here to help with that.

Additionally, I love capturing the beauty of motherhood through my lens. As a photographer, I document those precious moments that become cherished memories for families. Through my combined expertise, I aim to create an all-encompassing experience, nurturing both the physical and emotional well-being of new mothers. Let’s make your postpartum journey truly unforgettable and empowering.


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