Emily Ward

Emily Ward

Services Offered: Postpartum Support
Certifications: Certified Postpartum Doula
Location: San Clemente CA United States

I am a primary age Montessori teacher and received my M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from Loyola University of Maryland.I was a live in nanny throughout my college years and enjoyed being a resource for both mothers and fathers. I took my Postpartum Doula training in March of 2015, and I am very excited to combine my love for teaching children with my love for assisting and offering support for families. I am the Early childhood specialist and Educational coordinator for the organization Sapana Nepal. Sapana Nepal is an organization that was started by my dear friend. The goal of Sapana Nepal is to be an educational resource for families and children living in the rural village of Pumdi, Nepal. Sapana Nepal offers a variety of trainings and projects for the local Nepali villagers on childbirth, early childhood education, organic farming and water systems to name a few.


CPD Certification Number: 11-201709, expires November 3, 2024 (EST)


Email addresses:
Phone numbers:
949345-9093 (mobile)
949345-9093 (home)
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