Dorie Calos

Dorie Calos


Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Labor Support, Lactation Consultant, Postpartum Support, Trained Labor Doula, Trained Lactation Educator
Location: Canton CT USA

I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, birth & postpartum doula, & Reiki practitioner living in the small town of Canton, Connecticut.

Your journey through pregnancy and birth, and into parenthood, is a special one. I would be honored to support you through this special time!

I am passionate about working with families through pregnancy, birth, and into parenthood. I chose to become a doula for so many reasons – and have found my calling through this work, utilizing reiki, mindfulness, & the knowledge from lots and lots of educational trainings to enhance each experience.

Additionally, a lifestyle of healthy movement & highly nutritious foods is a piece of the puzzle I believe is a game changer at any stage in life! Finding a comfortable balance within your means of time and effort is something I strive to help others find as well.


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8609773034 (mobile)
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