Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson

Doctor of Public Health, IBCLC, CLD, CLE

Services Offered: Breastfeeding Support, Labor Support, Lactation Consultant, Remote Support/Virtual Classes, Trained Labor Doula, Trained Lactation Educator
Certifications: Certified Labor Doula, Certified Lactation Educator™ CLE®
Location: Brooklyn NY United States of America

I am Ashley and I am a caring and compassionate lactation consultant that was inspired to enter lactation consulting after my first failed attempt to breastfeed my oldest daughter. After diving into breastfeeding education, I successfully breastfed my youngest son for sixteen months with the help of an amazing lactation consultant (see, even lactation consultants need lactation consultants).

In 2020, I completed a Doctorate of Public Health degree where my research focused on breastfeeding success. I have been working in higher education for the past six years, while volunteering for a breastfeeding organization. In September of 2020, I sat for and passed the IBCLC exam. In July 2021, I completed my Certified Lactation Educator training and in 2022 I also became a certified labor doula.

I am originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania and currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with my husband and two children. Living in NYC, I do have some favorite places including the MET and the American Museum of Natural History (because it’s my daughter’s favorite).


CLD Certification Number: 12-202203, expires December 5, 2025 (EDT)
CLE Certification Number: 10-202120, expires October 13, 2024 (EDT)

Email addresses: (Alternate)
Phone numbers:
929-336-7882 (mobile)
570-396-2945 (home)
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